Snapshot in on premises K8S

Hi there,

We had setup a elasticsearch cluster by ECK in on-premises k8s . Cause we cannot leverage cloud service outside our company for elasticsearch snapshot, any way we can make snapshot for index backup.
Any suggestion would be appreciated.
Thank you

What sort of snapshot repo are you looking to use then?

Since you can't use any external cloud repository, you have basically 3 options.

  • Use a shared NFS file system with the fs repository, but I do not know if this is possible as I do not use Kubernetes or ECK.
  • Create a hadoop cluster on-premises and use it with the HDFS repository plugin.
  • Create a S3 compatible service, for example with MinIO, and use it with the S3 repository plugin

I would say that MinIO seems a good option in your case.


MinIO, I got it.

Thank you very much

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