Snapshot - Is it possible to create them based on *repository* indices?

(Olivier Van Dam) #1

To provide a bit of context, I recently started a new mission at a client (I'm an employee consultant), where they are using the Elastic Stack.

We are using curator to create snapshots, till now only time-based.
The snapshots contain 4 different indices "type": alpha, beta, gamma, delta, each created on a daily basis.

The repository used (shared file system) is reaching its limit, so we need to do some cleanup.
Based on that, I've asked and was told that:

  • snapshots of alpha indices should be kept a year
  • snapshots of beta and gamma indices should be kept 10 weeks
  • snapshots of delta indices (by far the heaviest space consumers) should be kept 6 weeks.

This is all well and good for the new snapshots, I've changed their creation to be separate for each indice type, and so can perform the cleanup for each of those snapshots separately based on the requirements provided,
but for older snapshots, which contain all the indices types, I'm a bit stuck.
The option I was considering was to recreate the snapshots per indice type for the ones I wish to keep (mostly alpha indices), so I could then delete the global snapshots while retaining the important information.
I'd like to know if there is any possibility to do so only working on the information in the repository, instead of having to restore old snapshots, then recreate new ones based on the restored indices.
Goal for all the historic data will probably be to create snapshots containing a single day of indice type.

If there is a better/more standard approach to achieve my goal, I'm of course happy to hear it, I'm still in the learning phase. :slightly_smiling:

Thanks in advance for all input,

(Yannick Welsch) #2

Unfortunately that's currently not possible. See also the following discussion:

(Olivier Van Dam) #3

Thanks a lot for the reply, and reference content.
Based on it, I understand I'll have to handle the transition from global snapshots to snapshots per indice type in a fairly manual manner,
or start to restore / recreate snapshot indices to speed up the space recovery.

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