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My first post here, this time I was unable to simply find answer on the net. I have ES 7.8.0 cluster, two "proper" nodes and one voting-only master-eligible. Last one is as simple as it can be - just a docker image with few settings.

Because third node is there only to help with elections, it has no access to any data, for example to NFS backup filesystem. When I try to create snapshot on one of the "proper" nodes I get code 500. Third node has no access to backup path and returns an error. Nevertheless snapshot is created on first two nodes and seems to be working fine.

Is there a way, to create a snapshot and get no error, without giving third node access to NFS? Thanks in advance.

elastic01 # curl -X PUT -d '{ "type": "fs", "settings": { "location": "/xxxx", "compress": true } }' -H 'Content- Type: application/json'
{"error":{"root_cause":[{"type":"repository_verification_exception","reason":"[backup] [[RjwWsU6xQES9QFb6ivlBqQ, 'RemoteTransportException[[elastic03][][internal:admin/repository/verify]]; nested: RepositoryMissingException[[backup] missing];']]"}],"type":"repository_verification_exception","reason":"[backup] [[RjwWsU6xQES9QFb6ivlBqQ, 'RemoteTransportException[[elastic03][][internal:admin/repository/verify]]; nested: RepositoryMissingException[[backup] missing];']]"},"status":500}

This is a (minor) bug I think, I opened

Until that's addressed, I recommend giving the extra node repository access. In theory you can also register the repository with ?verify=false to skip the verification step but I don't recommend that since this'll prevent you from finding out about any other config issues until it's too late.

Thanks for the reply and for reporting this bug. I'll monitor it on github.

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