Snapshot queue


We've been trying to automate index snapshot creation through the elasticseasrch snapshot API. However, we get an exception when trying to run more than one snapshot in parallel:

elasticsearch.exceptions.TransportError: TransportError(503, 'concurrent_snapshot_execution_exception', 'a snapshot is already running')

This is an odd behavior, as elasticsearch already has many queues for many of its operations - and I'd expect the same for snapshots and restores. Is there any way to let elasticsearch queue snapshot requests and automatically manage them (similar to the tasks API)?
Otherwise, I'm only left with managing such a queue myself, as wait_for_completion does not make sense in our use case.


Check my comment here - Creating multiple snapshots one after other immediatly


Great, moved the discussion to the other thread. This one can be closed.
Eventually, this becomes a feature request.

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