Taking snapshots concurrently of each index in Elasticsearch


I have written a module which issues snapshot creation requests for an index and sends it off to a ES cluster. This module is deployed on ECS and can run issue snapshot creation requests concurrently.

Right now, The snapshot creation request looks like,

resp, err := esclient.SnapshotCreate(esRepository, snapshotName).
	"indices": "indexname",
	"metadata": map[string]string{
		"taken_by": "native_snapshot_ecs_task",
if err != nil {
	return time.Since(startTime), err

If ES cluster receives multiple requests in parallel, It goes ahead with the one that came first and returns a illegal_state_exception error. (Error 500 (Internal Server Error): trying to modify or unregister repository that is currently used [type=illegal_state_exception]).

Since, I am always only taking snapshot of 1 index/request and no two snapshot creation requests share an index, What can I do to make this all work?

I know there is, include_global_state setting but I am not sure if that is what I should be using?

Hi @ishanjain

I'm afraid nothing. Parallel snapshot operations are currently simply not supported in a cluster without exception. This might change in the mid-term but for now you are limited to a single snapshot at a time per cluster, unfortunately.

Okay, Thanks. We'll figure something out so we don't run in this situation.

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