Taking several snapshots in parallell

As discussed in https://github.com/elastic/elasticsearch/issues/27353 it is desirable to either queue snapshots, or even better, take several snapshots in parallell.

I have not been able to find documentation on how this could be done, and any tips, tricks, links to documentation, discussions or similar would be greatly appreciated. Any practical knowledge on the load of parallell snapshots on an elastic cluster would be of interest as well, given that is in fact possible of course.

I'm not sure what docs you're after -- you simply issue requests to the snapshot API as and when you want to take snapshots. The only difference is that they no longer result in a ConcurrentSnapshotExecutionException like they used to in earlier versions.

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Aha, now this explains a lot, and it is my fault for not giving our version of elastic. Currently on 7.6.2, and I guess this update came in a later version?

I will have to go ahead and update the version then.

Thanks for your patience in educating!

Ah yes, there were lots of changes in this area recently. You need at least 7.9 or maybe even 7.10 to pick them all up.

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