SLM: Only one snapshot can be taken at a time. To avoid snapshot failures, edit or delete the policies


Does it mean that if you do schedule multiple snapshots on the same time they:

  1. Will be queued, meaning that they might start later than scheduled but eventually they will execute and take a snapshot.

  2. Or does it mean that some of the snapshots will not take place at all due to the conflicts? If this is the case, what happens if they are scheduled to a different time frame, but one of them takes time and is overlapping the other policy scheduling? will the later SLM policy be eventually executed or not?


Recent versions can take multiple snapshots at once so you'd be best off upgrading if this is causing you problems. IIRC in older versions there's no queue, the snapshots just fail.

I am using 7.10.2 and still get this message in Kibana UI. Is it supposed to support multiple snapshots in that version?

I can't speak about the Kibana UI you're using, but from Elasticsearch's perspective it should work fine to have overlapping SLM schedules in this version.

Kibana is also 7.10.2.
I can say that I did note some lags in SLM when a heavy backup was taking place.

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