Multiple SLM Policies, same Snapshot Repository and same Elasticsearch Cluster?

Hi All,

I wasn't able to find much about this topic in the Elasticsearch documentation, so thought I'd ask here to see if anyone has the answer.


Is it safe to have multiple SLM policies pointing to the same Snapshot repository (location), if all of the SLM policies are part of the same Elasticsearch cluster?


I'd like to have a tiered snapshot setup, something like: Hourly snapshots kept for 7 days, daily snapshots kept for 30 days, weekly snapshots kept for 1 year, monthly snapshots kept for 5 years, and yearly snapshots kept for 10+ years.

The only way I've been able to think of accomplishing this is to have a different SLM policy for each of the retention periods/intervals. I know its bad to have multiple different Elasticsearch clusters writing to the same Snapshot repository, but there really isn't any mention of multiple SLM policies in the same Elasticsearch cluster writing to the same snapshot repository. I'd like to use the same repository to have a chance to take advantage of "data deduplication" (snapshots within the various retention policies having effectively the same data).

Does anyone know the answer to this question, or have any more insight into it?

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