Snapshot & Restore Performance

I recently have been testing the S3 snapshot and restore performance.

I'm able to pull down ~25GB across all 4 data nodes in 10 mins on a
restore. On a given node, I seem to be only getting about 70-80 MBit/s, CPU
utilization is near zero. On the one node that has two shards being
restored to it, the through put is nearly double.

Is there anything I can do to increase the parallelism of the restore
process? So I assume there is something perhaps limited at the shard level?

My Repo Settings

"type": "s3",
"settings": {
"bucket": "mybucket",
"region": "us-east",
"protocol": "https",
"base_path": "/elasticsearch",
"secret_key": "SECRET",
"access_key": "KEY",
"max_snapshot_bytes_per_sec": "150mb",
"max_restore_bytes_per_sec": "500mb"

Cluster Info

ES 1.4.1
4 Data Nodes r3.2xlarge (8 core, 30GB JVM heap, SSD's)
5 Shards, 1 replica
80GB primary store size (160GB w/ replica)

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