Snapshot stuck in repo

Hi all,

We are using ES 1.3.7 cluster with 2 GB heap. FYI, now we are working hard on ES upgradation.

Faced some issues in response from elasticsearch , so bounced nodes.
After that response looks fine now.

But after that , we facing issues in partial snapshot failures

curl IP:PORT/_snapshot/reponame
response is fine for above

curl IP:PORT/_snapshot/reponame/_all

getting below error

"error": "RemoteTransportException[[node_name][inet[/IPPORT]][cluster/snapshot/get]]; nested: NullPointerException; ",
"status": 500

At the same time, able to get above snapshots info's while connecting with only one particular node in cluster

below error got while taking snapshot

"failures" : [ {
  "node_id" : "klwjhowj-cuQecw",
  "index" : "index_name",
  "reason" : "RepositoryMissingException[[name_repo] missing]",
  "shard_id" : 0,
} ],

please help us to debug on this !!!

Elasticearch v1.3.7 has numerous known snapshot/restore issues and is not maintained for more than a year now. I would suggest upgrading the version to v1.7.6 and start working on the a of migrating to a more recent version as soon as possible.

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