Snapshot to S3

I'm trying to setup S3 backup with Elasticsearch 1.1.0 new snapshot feature.

For that I installed the cloud-aws plugin

I followed this instruction by adding my bucket like that :

curl -XPUT 'http://localhost:9200/_snapshot/mybucket' -d '{

"type": "s3",
"settings": {
    "bucket": "mybucket",
    "region": "us-west-2"


And in* elasticsearch.yml* :


            access_key: xxxxxxxxxxxxx
            secret_key: xxxxxxxxxx
            region: us-west-2

region: us-west-2
bucket: mybucket
access_key: yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
secret_key: yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

When I try to create the snapshot : curl -s -XPUT

I get : {"error":"SnapshotCreationException[[mybucket:snapshot_2] failed to
create snapshot]; nested: IOException[Failed to get [snapshot-snapshot_2]];
nested: AmazonS3Exception[Status Code: 403, AWS Service: Amazon S3, AWS
Request ID: xxxxxxxx, AWS Error Code: AccessDenied, AWS Error Message:
Access Denied]; ","status":500}

My default access/secret key does not have access to this bucket, so I have
to use private-bucket. But I don't know how to make this work.

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