Snapshots of new indices

I did some searching and nothing seems to match our process. I am new to ES 5.4, so if I missed it, please forgive me and let me know where I need to look. We have 3 servers clustered and our application creates 2 indices on a daily basis called logstash-year-month-day and lmsdata-year-month-day, Our process is to snapshot the entire group of indices into 2 snapshots and then everyday, snapshot the new indices for each group.
These snapshots will be stored for a certain period of time and then deleted. My question is
Is it possible to determine the new snapshot name and just snapshot the new one every day versus doing an entire snapshot of all the indices including all the old ones via script?
I have tried to use curator, which works for deleting indices based on prefix and age, but nothing works for talking to the snapshot repository, so I am looking at scripting this out via curl commands.
Any help would be great,

I'm trying to follow you, but the wording is a bit confusing.

With Curator, it is possible to snapshot only specific indices using filters. It is also possible to select only certain snapshots using filters. Please note that there are both index-specific and snapshot-specific filters. You can filter and delete snapshots by their age.

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