SNMP uptime monitoring


I'm currently in the planning stage of an observability system. For a number of hosts snmp is the most effective way to check status but, as I understand, this isn't currently supported by Heartbeat.

Is it possible to present data, collected by logstash, in a way that allows it to be included in the uptime monitors dashboard, alongside heartbeat monitors?


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Heartbeat is only for HTTP/S, ICMP and TCP.

Yes, you can use SNMP and SNMP trap with MIBs in LS. There is many tutorials to implement SNMP, use google.

Thanks Rios

I understand logstash can poll SNMP, the question was around displaying it on the same dashboard as the Heartbeat monitors. It would be useful to have a single dashboard to show the status of each system, independent of the method used to actively check it.

If the logstash pipeline populates the key fields ("monitor.status", "", "", "tags", "ip","hosts", etc) and the index is included in uptime indices list, would I see the result on the dashboard?

Is there more to it? Is there a better approach? Is there any documentation that might help?


If you want to insert in heartbeat index then will be visible in HB dashboard. HB has some fields according to ECS like observer. I don't see any definition for the monitor.* fields just follow the heartbeat- template.

Also you can keep data in your own index, and show on the same HB dashboard, just add few more visualizations, usually lenses.

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