Solr APM transactions not showing

Implemented solr APM but under transactions it shows-

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Please take a look at the relevant section in our troubleshooting page. Specifically, you should be aware of the use_path_as_transaction_name and url_groups config options.

But the major recommendation is to switch to Elasticsearch :wink:

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It's not really clear what you implemented here, as APM will not run with solr as backend. Can you please clarify what you mean?

We have a solr cluster for which we want to implement APM to get the transaction which are happening in the cluster. I have implemented java-apm-agents on the boxes which uses 1.24.0 version but we are not able to see the transaction instead it shows GET unknown route and POST unknown route.

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Solr, unfortunately, is not in the list of compatible data stores that the Elastic APM agent for Java supports, as you can see here:

For this reason, the only thing the agent will be able to intercept and recognize are low-level HTTP interactions within your cluster — which I presume are internal calls that Solr performs between the cluster members for tasks such as replicate data, sync-up timestamps, quorum, split-brain detectors, etc. So your best bet is trying to follow @Eyal_Koren's advice and configure those HTTP interactions to become more verbose and descriptive.


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