Solr to Elasticsearh Migration Size Differance

Hi Everyone,

We have Solr and Elasticsearch in our company and we want to do a benchmark test to decide for buying extra license. We tried to transfer 4 gb Solr collection to an elasticsearch indice. We query the whole collection, save result to a json (transformed to suitable json format), Size of the text file is only 100 mb. When I pushed the data to Elasticsearch it has similar size also.

Do you have any explanation for this? It does not make sense to compare 4g data vs 100 mb data but it seems like it is the case. Is ıt an advantage of elasticsearch or am I missing something?

Thanks in advance !

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I am not sure there is a tonne of solr expertise here that we can use to help sorry to say. Generally speaking it will come down to your mappings in Elasticsearch, but I would expect some increase from the original json size when you index it.

Thanks for your reply Mark :slight_smile:

I was hoping if anyone here had an experince like this. Some developer here may had to benchmark solr vs elasticsearh before, i think. I transformed all Solr indexes to two replika indice on elasticsearh. it takes only 263 mb. I has to something big that I am missing.

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