[SOLVED] New installation gives error

I just installed heartbeat-elastic on a Linux node, already have filebeat, metricbeat and packagebeat running on my entire cluster.
Heartbeat is throwing me, what I believe is an error, when I run 'heartbeat setup':

Exiting: resource 'heartbeat-7.4.2' exists, but it is not an alias

Now it seems that an index is created, but I don't see anything coming in on the Uptime board, no monitors are shown.
How can I either clean up everything and start from scratch to verify I did it all the correct way?
Or... How can I fix what's missing.
I would expect the heartbeat package to behave the same way as the other ones, but I don't have a dashboard created nor anything for example.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

BTW, I'm using ES Cloud.

Kind regards,

Eric V.

Problem solved, I found to clean up everything on the cloud instance and restarted the service works.