[SOLVED] Request against hot and cold node

Hi all,

I have a question regarding the behavior of elasticsearch when you have hot and cold nodes.

My hot node hosts indices during 7 days, after this time indices are routed to the cold node with routing allocation setting (and curator).

My question:

When I make a request to find an index that is 2 days old, all cluster are impacted or just the hot node because elasticsearch know where to find the right index because of date?
(please can you precise to me the behavior of elasticsearch in this case)

The purpose is to be sure to optimize hot and cold nodes architecture to improve my request time.

Other question: It is possible to specify a node for shard and a node for replica ?

I'm not sure whether my questions are clear, sorry about that.

Thanks in advance,

Only nodes that hold the shards of the indices are you are querying are involved in said query.


Thanks !