Some bar labels do not show up on dashboard

Here is a screen shot, the first column should have a label.

Can you give us more details? Kibana version, what value was supposed to be in that first column, what the labels look like in the legend, what aggregation did you use?

Good morning sir! Thanks for looking at this. I realized late last night I'd left out too much detail... and then fell asleep lol.

Kibana and ES version is 6.2.2

My aggregation is terms - I'm trying to get a count of 'Person' when they fulfilled a specific action. Order by is custom metric, count, with the specific action I'm looking for in the json box.

Here is another screen.

Morning sir! I hate to be a pest, but I was wondering if you'd had opportunity to take a peek at my screenshot?

So if I hover over the first bar, I see the label I expect. But it just doesn't appear at the bottom.

This week, the data has changed, so some the first bar has a different value in the x-axis field, but still the name doesn't show. It's the strangest thing.

When I look at the Response JSON, I'm definitely getting the key for these buckets.

  "buckets": [
      "key": "Ed",
      "doc_count": 7
      "key": "Drew",
      "doc_count": 3
      "key": "Mark",
      "doc_count": 1
      "key": "Myrna",
      "doc_count": 1

Sorry, I was out on vacation. Yeah, it looks like a bug to me, I'm trying to set up a data set that will reproduce this issue every time and I will add it as an issue in the Kibana repo.
in the meantime, can you try and set a rotation on the labels to see if we can manage to display them if they are oriented differently?

Welcome back!

I did play with the rotations, and the labels rotate correctly, but the first still doesn't display.

Thanks for the assistance!!!

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