Some logs aren't being received by ElasticSearch / showing in Kibana

I'm using Elasticsearch primarily to record log messages from a .NET API hosted on an AWS lambda.
Whenever there are two or more API requests sent to this API, only the logs from one call are sent to Elasticsearch where all the log messages appear in AWS Cloudwatch.
I've also tested this outside of AWS on an API, and the same thing happens. Elasticsearch will receive logs, but it won't receive them from any more than one source at once.

I'm just wondering if anyone else has had this problem or if there is a way I can debug this to see if the logs are even getting to Elasticsearch.


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What do the logs from your app record the response from Elasticsearch as?

Thank you!

Sorry, I think I wasn't all too clear. I'm using the Elasticsearch sink for Serilog, so I'm not getting any responses from Elasticsearch as far as I know.

Bumping this...

Without some kind of response from Elasticsearch, we can only assume it's serilog not sending the events.

How can I check? At this point, it'd just be helpful to know if there are any debugging resources to check if there's any sign Elasticsearch has received these rogue logs.

If they definitely aren't showing in Elasticsearch then you need to start with your client, not with Elasticsearch

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