Some puzzle about filebeat version7.x rpm installation

about this topic,there are some discuss before,for example:


but,the basic question is ,when we install filebeat use rpm follow this page :Filebeat quick start: installation and configuration | Filebeat Reference [7.16] | Elastic use the command:
curl -L -O
sudo rpm -vi filebeat-7.16.2-x86_64.rpm

the rpm will install a wrapper utils,in /bin directory。but there is nothing about this in our document about directory-layout in Directory layout | Filebeat Reference [7.16] | Elastic

so,a lot of people do not know this wrapper exist。

additional,in the quick start document ,see the pic:

the filebeat program here is the /bin/filebeat , but a lot
of people will think it is /usr/share/filebeat/bin/filebeat .
because this two program have the same name,and there is no describe /bin/filebeat in the directory-layou document page Directory layout | Filebeat Reference [7.16] | Elastic

In summary,i suggest :
1,in the directory-layou document page add the describe about utils program /bin/filebeat
2,change the utils program name,we can call it filebeat-utils,so
people will not puzzle with /usr/share/filebeat/bin/filebeat
3,add some describe in quick start,so the reader will know the filebeat in command line is used /bin/filebeat not /usr/share/filebeat/bin/filebeat


This seems like a valid concern. Do you mind opening an issue on GH? Sign in to GitHub · GitHub

OK,I will open an issue on GH:)

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