Some questions about PutComponentTemplateRequest in Java API

When i use the Elasticsearch of version 7.17.2, i found something when i use the PutComponentTemplateRequest.
i used 7.11.1 in my last project, so i refer the guide document and follow it to create :

PutComponentTemplateRequest request = new PutComponentTemplateRequest()

Settings settings = Settings.builder()
    .put("index.number_of_shards", 3)
    .put("index.number_of_replicas", 1)
String mappingJson = "{\n" +
    "  \"properties\": {\n" +
    "    \"message\": {\n" +
    "      \"type\": \"text\"\n" +
    "    }\n" +
    "  }\n" +
AliasMetadata twitterAlias = AliasMetadata.builder("twitter_alias").build();
Map<String, AliasMetadata> aliases = new HashMap<>();
aliases.put("twitter_alias", twitterAlias);
Template template = new Template(settings, new CompressedXContent(mappingJson), aliases); 

request.componentTemplate(new ComponentTemplate(template, null, null));
assertTrue(client.cluster().putComponentTemplate(request, RequestOptions.DEFAULT).isAcknowledged());

this way is easy for me, when i need add something else , i can just edit the string and redeploy it.

but when i use the elasticsearch of 7.17.2, i can not found any guide documentation to know how to use it.
i read the source code and i found this way also can create a PutComponentTemplateRequest :

PutComponentTemplateRequest request = PutComponentTemplateRequest.of(b -> {

  IndexSettingsAnalysis analysis = IndexSettingsAnalysis.of(analysisBuilder -> {
	  Analyzer analyzer = Analyzer.of(analyzerBuilder -> {
		 return analyzerBuilder.custom(CustomAnalyzer.of(customAnalyzerBuilder -> {
			  return customAnalyzerBuilder.filter("icu_folding", "word_delimiter_graph")
					  .charFilter("icu_normalizer", "html_strip")
	 return analysisBuilder.analyzer("custom_text_analyzer", analyzer);
  IndexSettings settings = IndexSettings.of(indexBuild -> {
	  return indexBuild.numberOfShards("2").numberOfReplicas("1").maxResultWindow(100000)

  return b.settings(settings);

but when i want to add the mapping or something else, isn't easier. i always need to use the Builder or the Lambda to add something. but i really want just edit the JSON String so i can really know what's i added and i can check template source.
so guys,do u have any good idea about create a new PutComponentTemplateRequest?
sorry for my terriable English and Tech, and thank you for listening.

guys! helppppppp!!!

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