Some words are not searched by elasticsearch


I have noticed that some of the words that the user searches for are not searched by Elasticsearch

For example, if the user searches for machine L, Elasticsearch only searches for L and does not search for the word machine at all

It works when I change the boost in some matches

Sometimes, due to the fact that I am sure that the word searched by the user is in the database, after activating explain, he still realizes that even the word searched by the user has not been searched even by Elasticsearch.

Does anyone know what the reason is?

It depends on analyzers that you use. You can use analyze API to check how both queries and document fields are analyzed and whether the words are analyzed to the same token.

This is exactly my surprise

For example, in my query I use 5 matches, each using a different field (each field uses a different analyzer).

There are machine words in all 5 fields, but when I enable explain, I notice that Elasticsearch only searches in 3 of the 5 fields.

For 5 matches, you have to check the queries and fields be analyzed to contain common tokens using analyze API. Explain API may return only hit fields.


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