Sorting by geolocation outside of mapping constraints

I have an elasticsearch db of postcode data.

for fast searching I have used both _type by country and also added routing
so I can search a subset of data within 1 shard, rather than all shards.

the mapping looks like this:

The important part of this mapping is "location" which I am setting to
"geo_point" for each country mapping

When querying, I am using both _type and routing to search with



This gives me a much smaller subset of data on which to sort by distance

query looks like this:

Note that in the sort section it is in the format of the location is
"country.locaton" keeping with the mapping set up earlier.

But what happens if I need to search over the whole DB and not just 1
country? how do I sort by location when the country is unknown and each doc
has a _type = countrycode?

In the sort section:

"sort": [{
"_geo_distance": {
"au.location": [146.35,
"order": "asc",
"unit": "km"

What should the "au.location" look like when I do not know it is "au"?

Is it possible to search the results and sort them by location in this
case? or is there a way to do it better that would allow the results to be
sorted by location regardless of knowing the mapping "name"?

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