Sorting by ranges in old (not Lens) visualizations

Hi! I have a set of old visualizations in Kibana, built not in Lens but in the Legacy visualization tool.
They are donut charts split in slices by some custom defined numerical ranges.

The problem is that when I built them one year ago, the ranges were ordered by range creation position (ordered by me in numerical order):


However, after the last Kibana version upgrade (now we're in 7.17.6), the ranges are sorted alphabetically, which makes no sense because we are dealing with numerical ranges. I've looked everywhere but could not find any way to specify how I would like my ranges sorted (definitely not in alphabetical order):


This might be possible to fix with Lens, but I really really don't want to redo all the existing work if possible... is there any way to go back to the original sorting?

Thanks a lot in advance for your help!

The easiest thing that you can do is to go on the advanced settings and switch on this setting

If I recall correctly the bug that you mention was fixed on a later version but is not on 7.17, so for now you can use the old implementation.

Thank you!

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