Sorting by Relevance Score and Sold Counts

Hello everyone,
I want to sort results according to sold counts. However, the criteria should also include relevance score. For example, assume that for a "X" product, sold count is 100 and relevance score 3; for a "Y" product, sold count 105 and relevance score 1 then I want X to be sorted before Y. In the later versions (ES 8), I would be able to use rank_feature. In the previous versions, is there alternative for it?

Have you ever used rank_feature or similar features in the previous versions?

I'm a bit confused. Rank feature is available in Elasticsearch 7 already?

You could use a script score, but that would be a major performance difference between those two queries, but may be worth a try depending on your data set size and speed expectations.

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The feature comes with ES 7, however, in my prod env ES 6 is installed therefore I cannot use it on there.

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