Sorting events with identical millis timestamps by order events were recorded

Hi i have logs where multiple lines have the same timestamp. In Kibana discover they are in opposite order (if i follow the timestamp) then in the logfile, but when I check surrounding documents they are in correct order. Is it possible to see documents in discovery in correct (time based) order?


2022-02-21T13:52:15.840 [bookie-io-1-7] INFO  org.apache.bookkeeper.proto.AuthHandler - Authentication success on server side
2022-02-21T13:52:15.840 [bookie-io-1-7] INFO  org.apache.bookkeeper.proto.BookieRequestHandler - Channel connected  [id: 0x3b9d22a3, L:/ - R:/]
2022-02-21T13:52:15.840 [bookie-io-1-7] INFO  org.apache.bookkeeper.proto.BookieRequestHandler - Channels disconnected: [id: 0x3b9d22a3, L:/ ! R:/]


surrounding docs:

Thank you very much.

Hi and welcome to our community

So surrounding docs are sorting by timefield and _doc, Discover itself doesn't.

We might implement this in the future:

The only way to currently solve this is if you have an own sequence field you can sort by additionally. Or we also support sorting by a timestamp with nanoseconds

But of course most loggers don't support this


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