Sorting on long float field doesnt work correctly (ES 1.3.4)

I have a problem with uncorrect sorting based on float type field. I have a
float type field in my data called 'gtd_sort_number' (see data example
below). Value is a microtime so its quite long with decimal values (as on
example below). Now when I do a query like below (2nd example), the result
set is not sorted correctly. Some items are in correct order some not.
First example shows data returned from query so you can see "sort": [
1412944380] addded to the result. This seems to me that ES rounds the
former values somehow and then sorts it so it produces wrong results
because it rounds different(similar) values to the same value.

Any idea whats wrong here?

"_index": "netnotes",
"_type": "activity",
"_id": "a53ab53ba52b3f03bf8e547a0633dc3f",
"_score": null,
"_source": {
"id": "a53ab53ba52b3f03bf8e547a0633dc3f",
"gtd_sort_number": 1412944355.6989,
"gtd_section_id": "37aee9eb-e836-41f1-89a8-8d173fe23d57",
"gtd_board_id": "0d7b113b24d53a5a9ca50345173c4c49",
"gtd_color": "#000000",
"gtd_type": "note",
"gtd_label": "",
"gtd_private": null
"sort": [

Query example

GET /netnotes/activity/_search

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