Source code of kibana dashboard

After creating my dashboard with kibana , is there a way to view the source code of this dashboard and how can I find or view the source code of my kibana dashboard already created ?

Hi Farah,

I'm not really sure what your goal is. Maybe this helps.

From your browser you could select File > Save Page As... and then there's usually a couple of options. Depending on your browser, you could probably also right-click on something in the page and then click Inspect.

A Kibana Dashboard is represented internally as a saved object and you can go to Stack Management > Saved Objects and find your dashboard and from there you can Export it to a json file which you could look at.

And finally, the actual source code for the dashboard plugin of Kibana is in the Kibana repository. Some of it is here; kibana/src/plugins/dashboard at main · elastic/kibana · GitHub
and more of it here; kibana/x-pack/plugins/dashboard_enhanced at main · elastic/kibana · GitHub


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