Span Not showing up

Hey all

I'm trying to develop a new APM agent using the API. I've tried submitting transaction and it seem to be working. However when I submit the span into the events endpoint for some reason it's not showing up in the elastic analytics apm-spans index.

{"transaction":{"id":"68EEFB81-16B1-4567-A931-DAD8E1D7743C", "name": "Blah", "duration": 33000, "span_count": {"started": 2}, "trace_id": "68EEFB81-16B1-4567-A931-DAD8E1D7743C", "outcome": "success", "type": "ticket"}}
{"span":{"id":"dsdfsfdsfd", "action": "dispatch", "name":"risk-out", "transaction_id": "AF0D325D-7A90-443E-AF68-B0C474F3B118", "parent_id": "AF0D325D-7A90-443E-AF68-B0C474F3B118", "duration": 5000,"trace_id":"AF0D325D-7A90-443E-AF68-B0C474F3B118","outcome": "success","type": "activity", "subtype": "risk", "start": 1630406147}}

here is a sample

Kibana version: 7.14

Elasticsearch version: 7.14

APM Server version: 7.14

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Submit above data into the APM api
  2. Get 202
  3. No data shown

I resolved this. I was not using microsecond timestamp. Causing the event to not show up.

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