Spark and elasticsearch-hadoop-2.0.0

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I am trying to setup a spark + elasticsearch solution. I am trying the
simple example done by Barnaby Gray here [1], trying to adapt it to the
elasticsearch-hadoop 2.0.0. I get some connectivity error that I am not
able to overcome. I get the following error:

14/06/16 17:11:13 INFO HttpMethodDirector: I/O exception
( caught when processing request: Connection
timed out
14/06/16 17:11:13 INFO HttpMethodDirector: Retrying request

For the complete log:

I have the following scala code:

I am sure that there is connectivity and the port is open in the address

$machine~> telnet 9200
Connected to
Escape character is '^]'.

Has anyone faced the same issue? Any ideas what can it be?

Thanks in advance!


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