Special case of aggregate query

Hi Team ,

I have documents stored in ES with below structure :

Column1 | Column2 | Column3

Doc1 | P1 | T1
Doc2 | P1 |
Doc3 | P1 |
Doc4 | P2 |
Doc5 | P2 | T2
Doc6 | P2 |
Doc7 | P3 | T1
Doc8 | P3 |

Is there a way in ES to aggregate on Col3 , but while aggregating pre-fill empty values of col3 with value based on matching condition ?

Like if I use general ES aggs aggregate on Col3 , the aggregate would consider data something like
T1 ->[Doc1,Doc7]

But , I want aggregate to consider data as below :

i.e it should consider documents based on matching value of Col2 of relative non-empty value of aggregate column Col3.

For ex : For Agg T2 , Doc4 and Doc6 is considered , on the basis that they have same col2 value (P2) as that of Doc5.

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