Special characters handling

Hi Folks

I was fixing a bug which came through the upgrade from Spring 2.5 to Spring 3.0.
Now before in Spring 2.5 we had custom method from a repo that extended the ElasticsearchRepository interface, and in the method we passed some parameters which were escaped beforehand.For example
projectId, ElasticMyClass.escape(searchParam), language, dbPageable);

the ElasticMyClass.escape escaped special characters like /? etc. It was working fine.
After the upgrade to Spring 3.0 it startet giving problems each time we tried to search with special character, the i simply removed the ElasticMyClass.escape method, and now it seems to work.My question is ,i know that Spring 2.5 used 7.xx Elastic client, whereas Spring 3 uses Elastic 8 something client.I tried to go through the Release notes to find what did change, but i could find anything, does anybody know what changed and in which version so that escaping is no longer needed ?


Can you please provide more detailed information? It's hard to understand what the issue is with the information you provided.

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