Specific filter for different windows EventID

Hi all,

I am collecting logs from different windows channels, and for different EventID I want to use different filter files.

For example:

If 'channel' is 'sysmon':
    If 'EventID' is 1:
        use sysmon1_filter file
    If 'EventID' is 2:
        use sysmon2_filter file
elif 'channel' is 'security':
    If 'EventID' is 4624:
        use security4624_filter file
    If 'EventID' is 4625:
        use security4625_filter

What I am trying to do is to use different fields normalization depending on the event channel & EventId, and i want to separate this filters in different files because it will be a very long file if I do the normalization process only in one.
I am also open for suggestions how to achieve this in a different way

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