Specific stopwords


I am trying to use some stopwords such as "Mr.", "Mrs.", "Senior", " Junior", "etc"

I have my mapping attached below.

But somehow I get the results when I type these words as queries.

Can somebody help me in this case ?


You may need to put your mapping into gist/pastebin/etc and link to it instead?

"analysis": {
"filter": {

      "filter_stop_custom": {
          "type":       "stop",
          "stopwords": [ "Mr.", "Mrs.", "Senior", "Junior" ]

"analyzer": {
          "commaAnalyzer_titles": {
            "type" : "custom",
              "tokenizer" : "standard"
              "filter" : [ "lowercase", "filter_stop_custom" ]
         } , 


I have just posted it!

I don't know why is it not able to stop the words in the list! Do you have any idea ?

Well you have a lowercase filter just before your filter_stop_custom and your stop words have uppercase letters ;). Try to move your lowercase filter after the stop words filter or use lowercase for your stop words.