Specifying pipeline as a query string parameter in bulk actions

I'm struggling to pass documents through an Ingest pipeline during bulk indexing operations and wonder if anyone else have made this work properly using the CPAN Search::Elasticsearch perl framework, which I use for all Elasticsearch operations (from index creation to document indexing and searches).

For bulk indexing I'm using the bulk_helper() method to get a bulk instance which allows me to call add_action() for every document I want to index in one bulk operation:

my $es = Search::Elasticsearch->new( %host_conf );
my $bulk = $es->bulk_helper(
on_success => sub { ... },
on_error => sub { ... } );

for my $d (@docs) {
$bulk->add_action( index => { index=>$d->{index}, type=>$d->{type}, source=>$d->{body} } );

The perl documentation says "Each action can include the same parameters that you would pass to the equivalent "index() ..." so I looked up the regular index() method docs which lists "Query string parameters: op_type, parent, pipeline, ...". So it seems I can add a pipeline query string parameter to the bulk operation. But where do I do that? I've already tried

$es->bulk_helper( ..., pipeline=>$my_pipe ); # fails silently
$bulk->add_action( index=>{ ... }, pipeline=>$my_pipe ); # throws "Unrecognised action" exception
$bulk->add_action( index=>{ ... , pipeline=>$my_pipe } ); # throws "Unknown params " exception

I'm now running out of ideas on how to get pipeline added to the bulk operation.


After running with the Perl debugger and curl-level trace-logging I must conclude that the bulk_helper API doesn't support pipelines, instead I'll have to use the regular bulk() method and implement my own flushing strategy.

This is not ideal as I rely heavily on the on_success() and on_error() methods but it will have to do for now.

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