Speedup or remove the smooth scrolling for javascript documentation?

Maybe its just me, but waiting for the scrolling whenever I click a link in the documentation starts to eat up time. This is especially so if the link needs to scroll to the bottom of the list. I feel like it would be a better UX to not have the smooth scrolling at all, or make it time-based rather than distance-based?

Just thought I'd mention that I'd be open to contributing to this.

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Can you link to somewhere you are seeing this?


If you click any of the links on the side, you'll notice the slow scroll behavior.

I could be wrong, but I've noticed this in other pages also.

It seems snappy to me, but are you expecting/hoping for a clean jump rather than a scroll?

Yah, right now the scroll duration is linear, so the further down the link, the longer it takes to scroll. Frankly, I could care less about the smooth scrolling :stuck_out_tongue:. Even an option to toggle it on/off would be nice.

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Cool, thanks for the feedback.
I'll raise this with the website team and see what options we have :smiley:

Thanks Mark

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