Spike Alert

I have worked on Elast alert with Spike before but generally I have worked on spike_type as "Up". So I would put the spike_ height as 5 meaning that if the current value is 5 times more than the threshold, it should trigger an alert and it works.

Now, i want to trigger an alert for spike_type "down" and in this case I am not sure what the spike_height should be. I want to check if the number of logs have been reduced to half it's original value (if the threshold count is 10 logs, and if current logs are 5 or less). Not sure the spike_height should be "0.5" or should it be 2 only. Has anybody used Spike elast alert for "down" spike type?

I suspect you might have a better chance of getting a response if you ask the Elastalert community.

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