Spike Search is too often in elastic

Hello Everobody,

I just want to know, if Elasticsearch there is often a spike like this. What caused of it? can anyone explain to me? FYI: i'm newbie in elastic

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What do you use Elasticsearch for?

i learned it because i need it in my work and as i know this elastic is used to centralize logs for easier troubleshooting right?

The search rate might be a few people opening dashboards, but it's hard to say sorry.

i'm sorry, but can you explain more detail

When someone opens a Kibana dashboard it sends a bunch of requests to Elasticsearch to collect the data. That'd explain a few of the spikes.

is there any other reason ? or just that?

You'd need to enable audit logging to see what is happening there, Elasticsearch doesn't keep track of low level information like that.

thank you for the reply. that's very helpful

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