Split string into array and then into key value pairs

Is there a way to split a string into an array and then turn each of those values into key value pairs within the array using logstash.

For example:
Turning this:
SomeField -> "key1:value1;key2:value2;key3:value3"

"SomeField": [
"key": "key1",
"value": "value1"
"key": "key2",
"value": "value2"
"key": "key3",
"value": "value3"

I've tried using kv filter but it doesn't quite do this.

I would do that using ruby.

    ruby {
        code => '
            x = event.get("SomeField")
            if x
                a = []
                x.split(";").each { |y|
                    z = y.split(":")
                    a << { "key" => z[0], "value" => z[1] }
            event.set("SomeField", a)

yes this worked. thank you. The previous mutate split option was not needed.

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