Splitting metricbeat events into separate index

I am trying to read events from a s3 bucket and index them into elasticsearch. Everything works fine if I have a single input and output and I used to be able to use a conditional like

  if [metricset] {
elasticsearch {
  hosts => ["elasticsearch:9200"]
  index => "metricbeat-%{+YYYY.MM.dd}"

however now that type field is gone I am having trouble isolating the metricbeat events to their own index...


That's the type field in Elasticsearch, you can still use it in Logstash to build your conditionals./

what type would that be? Since the events don't get to ES it isn't easy to view the events...

I have tried :

if [metricset.name] == "network"
if [type] == "metricset"
if [metricset]

all to no avail...

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