Splitting Using Runtime Field / Scripting Field

In one of the alerts, in the field host.ip, I am seeing a bunch of IP addresses. So I want to create a scripted or runtime field where I want to split each IP address and place them in a new field like host.ip1 and host.ip2.

Below is the code I used it to split, but it's showing "value not set" . Can anyone let me know the issue

def ipList = doc['host.ip'].value;
def parts = /,/.split(ipList);
if (parts.length > 0) {
  return parts[0];
} else {

Below is the sample Field for reference

host.ip: ["fe80::7bc0:29c:eb66:5bc4", "", "fe80::1049:a9ce:a62g:6656", ""]

Hi @ksaimohan2k,

For scripted fields the correct syntax is to use simply return statement.
But for runtime fields make sure to wrap the result into emit(...). For example:

if (parts.length > 0) {
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Thank You @jughosta.

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