Spring-boot-starter-data-elasticsearch 2.4.4 gives results and 2.5.13 and above versions don't give results for query

@Query("{"terms":{"id": ?0}}")
public Page findById(List id)

Spring-boot-starter-data-Elasticsearch 2.4.4 generates a query with wrapper inside that is encrypted during debug and I get matching results from index

When I upgrade starter to 2.5.13 , it is generating a query with wrapper inside that has encrypted value in it which doesn't match with the encrypted value from 2.4.4 and doesn't give results.

Can someone please help me what changes have gone with 2.5.13 that @query is not working as expected when we upgrade to higher version Preformatted text

Further to debug I found that on decrypting encrypted value
2.4.4 gives
{"bool": {"must": [{"terms": {"id": ["\"123"\","\"245"\"]}}]}}

2.5.13 gives
{"bool": {"must": [{"terms": {"id": ["\"123\"",""245\""]}}]}}

In 2.5.13 -> Id value is not enclosed in double quotes properly. As encryption is not done properly data is not coming properly

Can someone please help me on this.

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