Spring elasticsearch - how to generate mapping for all the fields statically?

I have a Person class:

@Document(indexName = "person")
@EqualsAndHashCode(callSuper = true)
public class Person extends BaseEntity implements Serializable {

  private String firstName;

  private String lastName;

      mainField = @Field(type = FieldType.Keyword),
      otherFields = {
          @InnerField(type = FieldType.Text, suffix = "ngrams", analyzer = "ik_max_word", searchAnalyzer = "ik_smart")
  private String fullName;

  private String maidenName;

I have an existing code that creates an index during startup:

final IndexOperations indexOperations = this.elasticsearchOperations.indexOps(clazz);

Now, I have a requirement to generate mappings from it and create mappings once. Can somebody help how can I integrate it with the existing code to include mappings of the fields to make them static?

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