Sql queries with elastic search

Is it possible to process elastic search using sql queries in java program? If it is yes,give a sample code for this elastic search retrieval over sql queries in java program.Please give me a solution under RestHighLevelClient Api..

I don't know if you can but I wonder about the use case. Why would you do that?

You can with the low level client at least.

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Yes i used it.But motive of my project is dont use any external dependency to connect elastic search. So that's the reason i asked..So let you help me.

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for Me too that same query can you Help out of it....Give Lead from that

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I don't understand.

They said that should not use third party application that's why if there is a way.

This is the opposite of:

Please give me a solution under RestHighLevelClient Api..

What do you want? Use the RestHighLevelClient or not use it?

Sir, We have connected using RestHighLevelClient Java API using eclipse IDE
Our Requirement is we want to connect with elasticsearch using Java API without using third party application like (JDBC Driver) and IDE like eclipse, netbeans. Like normal java program we want to connect and communicate with elastic using command line only. Is there is any way?

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