Sql query return is empty

I would like to make a query to retrieve the records of the 'layers' column (index name = ids)
When i run this command :
GET /_sql?format=txt
"query": "DESCRIBE ids"

it's ok
column | type | mapping
@timestamp |TIMESTAMP |datetime
@version |VARCHAR |text
@version.keyword|VARCHAR |keyword
layers |VARCHAR |text
layers.keyword |VARCHAR |keyword
message |VARCHAR |text
message.keyword |VARCHAR |keyword

but when i execute the command :
POST _sql?format=txt
"query": "select * from ids"

i'm getting an empty answer

@timestamp | @version |

POST _sql?format=txt
"query": "select count(*) from ids"


This has nothing to do with logstash. You should move it to the elasticsearch forum.

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