Sql server on elastic Search cloud

I have a question :
I have an account on cloud version of elastic search and i have sql server database
So how i can get info from my sql server database and show logs and query on kibana?? Please help me


What kind of data you want to have in elasticsearch? The data you stored in the DB or metrics and logs from your DB?

Yes i want show the data stored in the database like how many user, user sex
My data base i like :
user = user1
pwd = mypassword
My elasticsearch :
host : hosts: ["https://xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.us-east-1.aws.found.io:9243"]
username: "elastic"

I shared most of my thoughts there: http://david.pilato.fr/blog/2015/05/09/advanced-search-for-your-legacy-application/

Basically, I'd recommend modifying the application layer if possible and send data to elasticsearch in the same "transaction" as you are sending your data to the database.

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