SSD vs HDD performance? on ssd search takes 100ms on hdd 3000-6000ms

SSD vs HDD performance? on SSD search takes 100ms on HDD 3000-6000ms
Is it possible to optimize performance on HDD?

130 millions of entries.
150gb of text.

One server. Tried different amount of shards and nodes (using docker compose).
I tried different options, but the performance is way worse on HDD.

I even tried to disable "refresh_interval": "-1",

What are the ways to increase performance on HDD?

If you have more indexed data than fits in the operating system page cache an HDD will generally perform much worse than SSDs, which is why the use of SSDs is recommended in the official performance guidelines.

Optimisations will depend on the nature and structure of the data, queries and access patterns, so it is hard to give general advice apart from what is available in the docs I linked to. It may help if you provided more details around this. As HDDs tend to have limited IOPS, limiting indexing (which can be IO intensive) to specific off-peak hours might be a good idea, although the tradeoff is that data may get stale. If you are able to go down this route it may be worth testing forcemerging shards down to a single segment once periodic updates have been made as that may reduce the IOPS required.


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