SSL error received even though "ssl" is set to "false"

Here is the input segment of my logstash.conf:

input {
	http {
		host => ""
		port => 31311 
		ssl => false

I have an index named twitter_new. I want to send a DELETE request via cURL to remove the entire index. This is my cURL command:

C:\Users\Me\Downloads\curl-7.64.1-win64-mingw\bin> .\curl.exe -XDELETE ""

Here is the response:

curl: (35) error:1408F10B:SSL routines:ssl3_get_record:wrong version number

How can I fix this?

N.B.: The SSL error is only encountered when I send DELETE requests -- I can successfully send PUT and POST requests.

If ssl is set to false, why do you try to use HTTPS with curl?

Do you get the same error if you use curl -k?

-k, --insecure
  (TLS) By default, every SSL connection curl makes is verified to be secure. This option allows curl to proceed and operate even for server connections otherwise considered insecure.

Oh man, that was stupid... I somehow failed to notice that I was using https instead of http.

So you disable ssl on port 31311, and get SSL errors on port 9200. They would appear to be unrelated.

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