SSL error while setting up passwords

I have followed this elastic blog for configuring SSL in the elastic stack and tried using verification mode as certificate as well as none in elastic's configuration YAML but when I am trying to set up a password using xpack I am getting this error

SSL connection to failed: No subject alternative names matching IP address found
Please check the elasticsearch SSL settings under

The IP mentioned in the above error is my master pod IP. While generating ther certs I have given service dns name but xpack utiilty elasticsearch-setup-passwords is looking for pod IP instead of service DNS(elasticsearch-master.elk.svc.cluster.local).

I would be glad if someone could guide me and answer my following queries:

  1. How can I add pod IP in Subject Alternative Names as pod IP is not known before the deployment?
  2. Why verification mode none is not working as mentioned in the documentation:

none , which performs no verification of the server’s certificate.

Please provide a copy of your elasticsearch configuration.
The more guesses we have to make, the less likely it is that we will give you the correct answer.

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