SSL KeyStoreException on X-Pack 5.1.1 installation (RHEL)

I have a development cluster made up of 3 nodes. I installed Elasticsearch 5.1.1 on all 3, and Kibana 5.1.1 on just the first one. Installing X-Pack for ES and Kibana on node 1 worked fine and the services started back up again. I managed to hit the login screen and successfully authenticated with the default credentials.

However, the ES service fails to start on the other 2 nodes. I'm seeing:

org.elasticsearch.bootstrap.StartupException: ElasticsearchException[Failed to load plugin class [org.elasticsearch.xpack.XPackPlugin]]; nested: InvocationTargetException; nested: ElasticsearchException[failed to initialize a TrustManagerFactory]; nested: KeyStoreException[problem accessing trust Invalid keystore format];
Caused by: org.elasticsearch.ElasticsearchException: failed to initialize a TrustManagerFactory
Caused by: problem accessing trust Invalid keystore format

The only mention of any SSL in my configurations thus far is in kibana.yml where I set server.ssl.cert and server.ssl.key for outgoing nginx requests. Not sure where these errors are originating from since this is a fresh install.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

What Java version are you using?

Version 1.8.0_45

Is this oracle or openjdk? Can you try a newer oracle jdk?

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